Julia Blunt Interiors’ main objective is to create rooms for you that are aesthetically beautiful and practical.  From start to finish, our attention to detail and our experience on a wide variety of projects, ensures our designs are thoughtfully created.  We take time to discuss and understand your wishes whilst reflecting your personality.

Julia Blunt Interiors

Getting Started

Before we begin we need to understand your vision. We start with a meeting, which is an opportunity for us to listen and learn about you and your space. We ask questions, define the scope, offer our thoughts and ideas. You will be able to get a sense of us, how we work, judge our skills and see if you like us; after all, we will be working closely together.  We will then put forward a fee proposal for your consideration.

Design Consultation

Once you have decided to go ahead, the real work of understanding and planning your home begins. We will work together, discussing the internal architecture and how the spaces should be used and arranged. We may explore structural changes and take the opportunity to think more laterally about your spaces. During this process we will consider the lighting, electrics, plumbing, joinery and floor finishes.

Julia Blunt Interiors
Julia Blunt Interiors


Once all the internal architectural and design decisions have been confirmed the project can begin. We do not sit back at this point, many decisions will still need to be made. Problems may occur that need to be overcome and potentially some re-thinking will be required. We will stay involved, working with your builders and architect, undertaking regular site visits and helping to keep the project firmly on track.

Decoration & Furnishing

We will work with you, creating design and colour schemes to reflect your style. These will include the curtains and blinds, soft furnishings, wall finishes, furniture, decorative lighting, pictures, mirrors and rugs. We will visit showrooms together to help you make the right decisions. We will ensure all the works are finished as specified to complete your project.

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