New Year, New Project?

New Year, New Project?

It’s a New Year and a new decade, maybe a new challenge?  New inspiration to improve your home, carrying out an exciting project – such as a new kitchen or media room – or even a house move?

It is so easy to groan and roll your eyes when talking about builders, how long projects are taking/going to take, and how over budget things are running/could run. We see it all too often and it really needn’t be that way.

Julia Blunt Interiors
Although people are often daunted by approaching a design team, we’re really here to give you the confidence to achieve all your dreams. Interior Designers, such as ourselves, are here to help with your design ideas, to hone in on your inspiration.  Your home reflects your personality, not ours, we just have the practical experience and knowledge to show you what works and what doesn’t.

So, the earlier you talk to an interior designer the better. Expensive mistakes can be avoided. We are never going to tell you that doing up your home is cheap, but as in any field, professional advice can save you time and the worry of making mistakes. These problems can be taken off your shoulders. It is knowing the stages that choices need to be made for everything to run as smoothly as it possibly can.

  1. Kitchen Plans/bathroom plans/Furniture and Picture Layout
  2. Plumbing layout/Lighting plans
  3. Paint Colours
  4. Fabric Choices

Julia Blunt InteriorsThink ahead so that decisions are made now! Seeing a plan on paper can help you visualise and give you a feel of how the room will work. Making it right now is so important to avoid mistakes down the line. Whether it is a whole house of a single room the same approach applies. It will save hours of time and frustration in the long run.

Lead times on orders are also really important! To avoid delays at each stage it is important to make early decisions and orders so that things arrive on time. This applies to everything that you have to make a decision on. There is nothing worse that builders standing around with nothing to do and time is money!

The paint colours and fabrics are totally linked; you cannot choose one without on deciding the other. This part is exciting and should be a happy thing to do, but it’s often helpful to have a professional to bounce ideas off: what looked fantastic in the show room might not work in your home perhaps due to the light or size of the pattern. New furniture also takes weeks to come and you need to be sure that things are neither too big nor too small. Most curtain workshops are booked up months in advance. So ideally fabrics need to be chosen at least 3 months before you move/decoration has finished. The lists can be endless and can cause sleepless nights with worry. The sooner you have a friendly pair of eyes and hands on board the better.

Julia Blunt InteriorsInterior Design is all about confidence and our design consultancy service offers you our wealth of experience.  We can help you visualize the end result.  Don’t worry about the size of the project or having a certain style imposed upon you, that’s not what we’re about.  Let us take the pressure off. You may believe you are perfectly capable of doing up your own home but you’re just not sure how to start putting your plans into action.  It can be invaluable to bounce those ideas off people with experience to give you advice and reassurance.

We are here, ready, willing and able to help kick off your project and the New Year with a bang!