Patterns are here to stay!

Julia Blunt Interiors

Very often people shy away from using pattern in interior design as it can be daunting. Yet, as can be seen in fashion, pattern revival is now well and truly back in the Interiors world – which we at JBI love!

We aim to use pattern as a form of expression, to make connections with times and places and also to reflect the character of our clients.  From fabulously contemporary to classically traditional, patterns traverse the ages and you are just as likely to find a print inspired by ancient Greeks, as you are the sharp futuristic lines of the 21st Century.

Magazines and Internet images are in abundance to give us inspiration.  If you look for example at what Kit Kemp has done for the Firmdale Hotel; she has a wonderful eye for pattern and colour and her rooms sing with excitement and sophistication.  She uses pattern on pattern, from the wallpaper to the curtains, from the chaise longues to the lampshades but the balance is perfect.  The result is a piece of art.  Not necessarily to everyone’s taste but art, like interior design is subjective.

Patterns are exciting to use and can lift a scheme from the ordinary to the spectacular!  Although sometimes difficult to manage there are always a few ‘rules’ that can be followed when using patterns.

For example, using horizontal lines adds space and width whilst vertical lines add height and elegance.  Adding a large print to a room can give an essence of opulence.

Julia Blunt Interiors


Seen here this bold print has resulted in a design with true staying power.  Florals can be big and blousy or small and delicate, they reflect a very personal taste and look.  Motifs are strong, random and abstract – if used in a particular area they can provide a focal point, drawing together a wider, open-plan space.  Animal prints are popular but is can very much depend on the fashion at the time.  Children’s rooms can be made so unique and special by the addition of some patterned and themed prints.  There are so many ways to use pattern, sympathetically, cleverly and with care.


How much pattern is too much pattern? 

As fashion designers become bolder why shouldn’t we in our interiors?


Julia Blunt Interiors


JBI have a vast array of marvelous suppliers producing a variety of fabric, wallpapers and trim; choosing can be overwhelming but we like to think of it as fun! We take the opportunity to harness that fun – look at this fabulous fish wallpaper used in a recent Hampshire project.

We love using pieces of furniture to accentuate patterns; this chair may look elegant

and plain from the front but we showed our client how to transform this unpretentious piece to glory with the sublime use of this contrast fabric around the back.

Classic prints are bold and beautiful – they don’t always have to be imposing – they can be subtle too. Choosing soft or neutral hues can tone down the contrast that make patterns really stand out.  These shades will take on a more artful air of sophistication; perfect for those that may prefer a calmer interior look but still love the intrigue of fun patterns.

Julia Blunt Interiors


Wallpaper, flooring and sumptuous curtains are prevalent ways to add patterns and are fairly permanent additions to the home.  You may not be quite ready to fully commit to a patterned trend for the next few years.  If this is the case you can choose beautiful accessories that can be easily swapped in and out.  Cushions, lamps, lampshades and throws are all items that can make a big impact. Equally, ornamental objet, vases, table settings and toweling, not to mention rugs are all wonderful ways to inject colour and pattern.  These will instantly add trend, style and personality to your interior.

Julia Blunt Interiors



Patterns can be as raucous as you want them to be, filling a whole room or as striking feature element. They seem to be here to stay, so if you are inspired do get in touch and together we can explore the multitude of options that are available for every taste and budget.